Let's take a moment to think about what it takes to be a superheroine: you need a secret identity, a really sweet outfit, you have some sort of natural secret power, and you're always in time to save the day. Well, yes..it does sound like we've just described a strong and fearless woman. Now, it's time to trade our maxi dress for a sassy Plus Size Superhero Costume. These outfits feature bright bold colors, appropriate emblems, and they come fully equipped with a cape.

You will feel like you're on the top of the world when you slip into one of our Plus Size Superhero Halloween Costumes. You can dress as Batman, and pretend all day that you have the bat mobile! Or, dress like Superman and have your favorite man dress like Clark Kent. You can always stick to the standard female and dress like the ever so popular Superwoman! 

You're going to strut your stuff when you wear any of these great outfits—they're fit beautifully and leave you on cloud nine. You're going to be called to save Gotham City, battle with Doomsday, or be the warrior woman of the Amazon when you slip into any of these choice. We hope you're ready to assume all roles of these iconic superheroes when you put on their character uniform.

The fun part about our plus size women's superhero Halloween costumes are that they remain flirty and innocent—but, they do have a very scandalous aura to them too. It's a great mixture of styles and would pair well with minimal accessories. These skirt and cape combination costumes will have you feeling like you're on top of the world—so take the time to enjoy it!