The saying "there is a time and place for everything," has officially made it's mark. All day on September 19th is the time, and all around the globe is the place. The occasion: National Talk Like A Pirate Day! And, on a day like that, it's only appropriate to dress like a corsair too! Our Plus Size Pirate Costumes are going to be quite a hit this year! Whether you're actually wearing it to talk like a buccaneer or you're going to a fun Halloween party—we have the perfect outfit for you!
You will definitely be able to step foot onto the ship, when you dress in any of our sexy plus-size pirate costumes! We offer a wide selection of varied color combinations and hemlines. You can wear something super short and sexy to walk down the plank and lure in the captain. Or, you can dress in a sassy and rugged look and be the swashbuckling sweetheart from the ship! No matter which way the current takes you, dressing the part will definitely head you in the right direction.

From black and white stripes with skulls and cross bones to flirty off the shoulder tops, our pirate dress are sure to gain attention! You'll feel like the sexy wench who walked the plank in style! And, you'll plunder around the ship slashing the scallywags with your stunning looks! When your slip into one of our Plus Size Pirate Halloween Costumes, you'll be sure to capture all the right treasure! Keep away from the Scallywags and Rapscallions.. getting a head start on your high seas lingo won't hurt either!