The sexy French maid has been prominent in mainstream Halloween costumes for decades. But, it has not always been used simply to play dress up. In the early 18th century, the wealthy men and women always had servants. These pretty women would be at the beck and call. Today, there is an entirely new perspective on this sexy genre! Mainstream America has created a sexual fantasy around this outfit. It's used more and more in erotic role playing and BDSM. However, it's also one of the most popular things to wear for Halloween for anyone who wants to look sexy and scandalous!
This year, dress in any of our fantastic Sexy Plus Size Women's French Maid Halloween Costumes! You will look absolutely irresistible when you slip into one of these black and white uniforms! Although styles do vary, they are very standard to staying in hues of black and white with lots of lace and a white apron! There also traditional puffed sleeves—however, we do offer a few different versions!

Our Plus Size Sexy French Maid Costumes have varied lengths and can be accessorized in many ways. You should definitely pair these costumes with sassy flattering fishnet stockings! You can also wear a wig, if you want to truly get into an alter-character! After all, maybe this sexy servant could become your alter ego! You can even add any number of our awesome accessories, like matching shoes and feather dusters! No matter which one you choose... you'll definitely look beautiful, sexy, and confident all night long!