From the Salsa to the Tango, the Quiver to the Shimmy, and all the way to the Bump and the Grind... dance moves have made their mark in history! Some, granted, are more appealing than others—but no matter how you look at it, dancing is a form of art. Dress in one of our Plus Size Dancer Costumes and you'll undeniably make a grand entrance!

Our Sexy Plus Size Dancer Costumes feature a variety of styles. You can be the sassy lady, who wears a costume inspired by 1950's pin up women. Or, save all of your energy for the night you slip into a sexy can-can dancer costume! Can-Can dancers originated in Paris in the 1830's! This dance was made specifically for couples-- today, it's known for a line of girls who perform high kicks and have stunning pin perfect feather decorated hairstyles! You can easily achieve this look with our Sexy Plus Size Dancer Costumes!

You can even take a step back in time when you dress as a sexy saloon girl dancer! These women made a career out of sitting in local western bars and flirting with the outlaws and cowboys! These women were told to dance around, and keep the men in the bar with a drink in their hand for as long as possible!

These great Plus Size Dancer Halloween Costumes will make your dreams of getting on stage and being in the spotlight come true! You can live in the moment—being fierce, sexy, and confident all the while! All of our costumes feature figure flattering hemlines, fun sleeve details, and lots of adoring ruffles and lace!