Halloween is not the only time to wear a costume! We have such a wide variety of costumes, that they can be worn on many different occasions. Our selection of Plus Size Christmas Costumes can be worn as an ironic and comical Halloween costume or as fun and festive Christmas attire!

Our Sexy Plus Size Christmas Costumes come in a variety of options. You can dress as a super sexy Santa and choose between a long and short hemline. Both are figure flattering silhouettes, with great waistlines and belts! They are cheerful and fun with lots of red and white materials. You'll also love our fun elf costumes! These outfits are pant suits—which will ensure comfort and easy movement. You can wear this red and green attire for a fun Christmas theater performance, or to stand behind Santa when he's checking his list!

The lovely thing about our Christmas costumes are the accessories can make a world of a difference. You can pair a sexy pair of heels to amp up the heat—or, you can add a flat to make it a more comfortable look. We also offer a wide variety of fun Christmas inspired accessories—like jewelery, fancy shoes, hats, and wigs! Adding a red or white petticoat under the skirts will add a bit of extra coverage, too!

There is no better feeling that spreading delightful holiday cheer! Pretend to be Santa's helper or prove that Santa might be on the naughty list himself! No matter what, our Plus Size Christmas Costumes are going to be a hit at your next event!