We can thank the 1980's for everything from CD's, Nintendo, and MTV to Madonna, Michael Jackson, and The Simpsons. With this decade being an ideal time to create change in the world, it's no wonder their fashion was wild, loud, and gaudy! Dress in our 1980's Plus Size Women's Costumes, and you'll be the material girl of today!

The 1980's produced some of the most fun and fearless fashions. From skin tight stretch pants to MC Hammer inspired harem pants—the 1980's had it all! You can relive this iconic time by dressing in a variety of costumes and putting together a number of accessories! Combine all of your favorite neons and motley prints—you will then pay homage to this decade!

You can achieve a perfect 1980's punk rock look with a funky spiked colored wig, lots of neon fishnet, and some blue eye liner! A 1980's Plus Size Halloween Costume would be a perfect solution to a quick and easy Halloween or themed party costume! Bring together a pair of leggings, a large off the shoulder sweat shirt (with a shirt clip), lace fingerless gloves, and a pair of leg warmers. This will immediately transform you into an 80's workout superstar!

Don't worry about matching prints, mixing colors, and wearing oversized clothes! Beautiful women of the 1980's went from tight mini skirts one day to baggy pants the next. Don't limit your options when it comes to dressing in 80's fashion—go big or go home! Tease your hair with at least one bottle of Aqua Net, wear crazy neon colors combinations, and don't hesitate to add lots of flashy accessories!