The fashion of the 1960's most certainly poured over into the 70's. They still wore mod prints with bright colors and psychedelic patterns—however, they also dramatized the bell bottom, introduced the platform shoe, and women were seen in über short mini skirts. 1970's fashion also included hot pants (which are making a come back), blazers—and thanks to Diane Von Fürstenberg, the jersey wrap dresses!

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With the 1970's came the infamous disco fever! A zippered full jumpsuit with lots of flair is iconic of this era. Women were making their own decisions—so they went from a short little outfit one day to a fully covered skirt the next. Today, the choice is still yours! Dress however you'd like, and you'll still look stellar! Our Sexy Plus Size 1970's Costumes are perfect for themed parties, Halloween celebrations, or even to reenact (or attend) a peace rally!

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