The sixties marked a period of baby boomers sprouting into their teenage years. They were fed up with the conservative views of the 50's, and decided it was time to rage. They protested their rights and voiced their views on everything from fashion to politics. But, one thing remained clear: the women of the 1960's were proud to be sexy and fabulous. You will take a walk in their shoes when you slip into one of our Plus Size 60's Costumes!

Nothing should stop you from dressing like a sexy psychedelic woman! After all, you want to do the mashed potato in style, don't you? You can get in the groove, boogie down, and shine as bright as the disco lights! Slip into the mindset of a flower child or vibe in the retro era! Whatever you do, and wherever you're going, our Sixty's plus size costumes are absolutely perfect!

Between the peace sign and tie-dye, it's pretty clear the the 60's were one giant festival of love, peace, and happiness. You can be one with the hippies when you wear any of our great modish printed dresses! The bright colors and fun prints are all you need for a groovy time!

Keep in mind, the 1960's were infamous for their skirts getting shorter and the boots getting taller. It's important to remember that Singer Nancy Sinatra and The Avengers were semi responsible for making the go-go boot super popular! A white patent leather go-go boot will pair well with a mod retro dancer or a hippie costume. You can even accessorize with anything that has a peace sign, mod circle sunglasses, and sexy white thigh highs! Our 1960's Plus Size Halloween Costumes are going to be quite hip for your next event.