The 1950's represented a post war fashion—encouraging women to be feminine and comfortable! Getting out of a standard uniform meant dressing in long hemlines, high waistlines, and bold, solid colors. When you mix those small details together, you officially have a recipe for flattering the curves of any woman!

Our 1950's Plus Size Halloween Costumes are absolutely perfect for a haunted house party or a night on the town. When you wear one of our poodle skirts, you will represent the fun and excited era that was ambushed with diners, roller skates, and the jitterbug! The poodle skirt comes in varied colors, with pink and black being the most popular. You can add a fun petticoat underneath to add a bit of extra flair, or additional length. The great thing about poodle skirts are that they are rather long—which is great for feeling warm and classy during the Halloween season.

You can pair a poodle skirt with any top, especially those with a thick black and white stripe. If the weather becomes a little chilly, you can throw on our great Pink Ladies jacket! With this jacket, you can also dress like you're favorite character from the hit movie, and musical, Grease!

Although poodle skirts were iconic of the 50's, it's also important to keep in mind that women were also inspired by TV and magazines. From dressing up like Lucille Ball, of I Love Lucy, to stripping down and dressing like a sexy pin up girl, our 1950's plus sized costumes are going to satisfy everyone's wishes! We also have an assortment of accessories—choose from poodle socks, cat eye glasses, a ponytail wig, and saddle shoes!

Fun Fact: The first issue of playboy came out in December of 1953, and Ms. Marilyn Monroe was the sexy center fold model!