A fun and funky legwarmer is going to leave one imagine in your head: 1980's aerobic girls! Although it may seem that they were initially used to add a bright color or extra pattern to an existing mishmash—that is simply not the case. A leg warmer was at first used by ballerinas. They used to wear an extra warm toe less sock around the calves. This would prevent their muscles from tensing up, and provide extra warmth. The reason legwarmers became the next big fad was become of hit movies like Flashdance and Fame. Any film that featured a superstar sporting a trendy look, was soon to influence the wardrobe of everyone around the globe.

Our legwarmers are made more for style, but they'll be sure to keep your bare legs warm! You can wear these legwarmers with a variety of costumes—the ones they're intended to match with and a completely new look that you create yourself. There are a mixture of colors and lengths. Some are bright and would go well with anything from a flower power hippie to a sexy clown, naughty Indian, or a preppy school girl!

Legwarmers are also a great accessory to pair with any costume you wish. If you're dressing like a sexy animal, of any sort, we have furry leg warmers that will certainly enhance the look. You can even dress for a night of dancing! Pair your favorite rave wear with any pair of leg warmers—you'll look chic, glamorous, and fabulous!